In this fast moving digital age it’s easy to be a keyboard warrior – typing out smart remarks and pithy commentary. But such expressions are fleeting, lost too soon in the myriad comments that pass by like the floats in a parade – here one minute and gone the next.

There was a time I remember in the not too distant past when the preferred form of communication with far flung family and friends was a letter, written on stationary and mailed with a stamp. Send on a wild ride with a hope and a prayer it would reach it’s destination.

Last month, my sister gave our family a treasured gift – she made a book of letters our father sent back home to our mother during World War II. What a joy it was to see those letters, written in my father’s abominably terrible penmenship. The letters themselves span a two year time period, from 1944 to 1945 (with one random letter from 1942) and slowly reveal the sweet courtship between my parents. You see, when my Dad left to serve, he and my mom were not engaged or even going out. They had been co-workers and had friends in common.

Seeing these letters and reading through them reminded me how powerful it is to hold these items in your hand. They are a tangiable piece of your story and can become a treasured part of your family history for future generations. How sad indeed that we have fallen away from the beautiful art of letter writing and instead communicate with short, abbreviated texts or concise emails. Digital communication feels somewhat cold and detached when compared to the warm, intimate feel of a handwritten letter or note.

Dad’s signature sign off

That’s why I do what I do as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. I want to help people create and send beautiful handmade and handwritten cards to family and friends. Connecting with people on a personal, more intimate level is ever so important in a world that is becoming increasingly divisive. A thoughtful, handwritten note is like a paper hug – it touches the heart.

I love to teach people how to create hand crafted cards – no two are alike. Something magical happens when you put an inked stamp on plain paper – you have elevated it and created something unique. A handmade card with a handwritten note is truly a gift from the heart that will be treasured. Let me show you how. I offer both virtual and in person workshops or I can design a workshop for your venue and event.

Check out my Crafty Klock YouTube channel for video tutorials and sign up for my mailing list so you will know when I have workshops and events you can join. Let’s bring back the lost art of letter writing! Together we can do it. Happy Stamping!

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