That’s what it feels like at times – either I have several events occurring on the same day or I have nothing. It’s never well balanced. And that is exactly what is happening tomorrow.

I have a vendor fair at the Lucketts Community Center that I signed up for months ago. And then I find out its also the date for a memorial mass for my friend who passed away. UGH! I need to be in both places as both are important to me. And while I know it’s not possible to clone myself I sure wish I could. What to do, what to do??

Ah – a light bulb moment – I will get someone to help me out. My husband can’t do it as he has to take the service dog he is training to the vet ( who is over an hour away) for hip xrays. My daughter is still at school getting ready for graduation next week. So that leaves my son – he’s home, not working tomorrow, and has lots of free time. BINGO – we have a winner!

So having decided a plan of attack, I approach my son to ask if he would be willing to help out. “What do I have to do?” he asks. Me “oh just sit at my booth and answer questions, hand out catalogs, nothing to hard.” Which is kind of true BUT there’s a little more to it but I’m saving those instructions for tomorrow. I don’t want to scare him off!

A bonus is that I belong to a fantastic group of vendor friends. These women are independent demonstrators for a variety of direct sales companies, just like Stampin’ Up! and I know they will be there to help my son as he helps me. With friends and family on my side I guess tomorrow I really can “have it all”! Have a great weekend everyone.

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