Today is a day off for me. I’m heading out to Goucher College for my Daughter’s Capstone presentation in the morning and an award ceremony in the evening. After four very quick (for me) years she is graduating from college. As she reaches this milestone, I’ve had a chance to reflect on her journey and what her graduation means for me.

My daughter is (was?) a collegiate athlete. Every fall for the past four years our weekends were planned around the field hockey team’s schedule. All other plans and activities had to fit in around the game schedule. Even before she went off to college, my time was spent shuttling her to and from practices, games, and tournaments. Some of our best memories happened on those mother/daughter trips to far flung tournaments. So what now?

As my daughter gets ready to embark on the next part of her journey, I too, get to begin a new chapter. After all the time, energy, mileage, and money expended on sports is done, I finally get to use some of that for ME! As a mom, me time is an elusive idea- one spoken of with awe and reverence – some nebulous concept for the far off time. But for me, my me time is now!

Closing the door on the field hockey years allows another door to open. The door to my crafting has always been ajar – and I would step over the threshold as time allowed. Now the door has been blown off its hinges and I am running through. I can now escape with my crafty friends for a girls weekend, I can attend crafting conventions, and spend time in my workshop without worrying about scheduling conflicts. Woo hoo!

Am absolutely thrilled for my daughter and her accomplishments. I can’t wait to see where her journey takes her. I know my journey leads to my workshop and creating with stamps, ink, and paper. I know we will both have an exciting adventure. Happy Stamping!

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