Sometimes it seems the world we live in has become a lonely place.  Everyone is glued to their cell phones, tablets, and computers.  Gone are the days of the neighborhood block parties, sandlot ball games, and impromptu get togethers.  We are over scheduled, overworked and over stressed!  In a world where we can literally order anything at anytime and have it delivered right to our door step we no longer see the need to step out and interact with people on a personal level. Now don’t get me wrong – I love the convenience of Amazon shopping and it has saved me a few times when I forgot to get that gift ahead of time (THANK YOU two day shipping!) But while technology is good for so many things and has made life easier in some aspects, it has also contributed to the decline in interpersonal interaction.  In the past, we developed relationships with the folks at the bank, the post office, and the grocery store because we went there on a regular basis.  We grew to know each other, asked after families, celebrated milestones, and offered sympathy in times of sorrow.  So while I can celebrate the joys and wonders of technology, I also mourn the loss of personal relationships.

Instead of being “one of those people’ who just lament the loss of the good ‘ole days, I asked myself- what can I do to help make a difference?  I looked around my workshop with all of the beautiful handmade cards I have and thought – I should send these to people.  I mean who doesn’t like to get something other than bills in their mailbox?  So, each month on my business Facebook page (Stampin with Crafty Klock), I offer to send cards to anyone who like to get a little bit of cheer in their mailbox.  I know I’m not changing the world but if I can bring a smile to even just one person than that is time well spent.  So I ask you – what can you do to spread happiness?  Take a look around, find your way of speading happiness and than take action.  Alone we might not change the world but together, we can make a difference. 

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