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Have you ever gotten lost down the rabbit hole of YouTube shorts or Facebook reels? I sure have! The other day I was watching an artist create these really unique backgrounds using acrylic paint and string. As I sat there mesmerized but the whole process, a light bulb went off and I realized I could to the same thing but using ink!

So, with a plan in mind I went off in search of what I would need to create my own masterpiece! First I must find some string – I go hunting through my stash and find a pool of baker’s twine. Ah ha! Perfect, next I grab some ink refills and a piece of white cardstock and off I go to my crafting table.

1st time – Mistakes were made

I thought I would try some fall colors – browns and brownish yellows. Drop my ink on an acrylic block and I am off – happily soaking up the ink with my twine. Only problem, now my left hand is covered in ink and how am I going to do the next step without getting ink all over the paper??

After many trials and errors, I finally had it down – I used a latex glove on my left hand and removed it between color changes. One problem solved. My first attempt was using these colors was a complete fail. The colors just did not play well together.

So after this failed attempt I turned to three colors that I know play well together and look fantastic when used for a project. These are all 2022-2024 In Colors and some of my favorites!

Final Result

So after a some experimenting, a few less then desirable results here’s the final product. Love how easy it was to create a unique backgroung. What do you think?

To see how I did it you can check out my video on my Crafty Klock YouTube channel (and I would love it if you woudl subscribe to my channel).

More inspiration

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Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and check out my blog! I hope you’ll try string pulling to create your own unique backgrounds! Remember – have fun and happy stamping!

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