The Right Tools are Essential for Success

As with any new endeavor it can seem overwhelming when you are trying to start something new. It’s no different when you want to try a new hobby but aren’t sure where to start. Well I’m here to help you with the overwhelm and point you in the right direction!

As I always tell my daughter, no matter what you are trying to do, from cooking, to cleaning, to crafting, having the right tools can make all the difference between a happy, stress free experience, and a disaster you never want to repeat! And when you are just getting started there are so many bright, shiny objects promising all kinds of things that it can be hard to decide what is essential and what is “nice to have” but not necessary.

5 “Must Haves” for beginning Card Makers and Papercrafters

Here are the five tools I consider as essential for every new card maker and papercrafter. When you are just getting started having these five items in your toolbox will set you up for success everytime! You can purchase all these times by clicking here.

Paper Trimmer

Having a good paper trimmer is key! You want a trimmer that will give you clean cuts every time – nobody wants cards with ragged edges! You also want a paper trimmer that will be able to cut 12″ x 12″ paper as well as standard letter size and smaller paper and has easy to read markings.

Here’s why I love the Stampin’ Up! paper trimmer:

  • Large platform, with extension arm easily handles 12″ x 12″ paper
  • Easy to read 1/4″ markings
  • Cutting Blade & Scoring Blade that are easy to change
Stampin’ Up! Paper Trimmer – Item #152392 – $26.00

Bone Folder

A bone folder (sometimes referred to as a paper bone) is an dull edged hand tool used to make crisp folds on paper and cardstock. You can also use a bone folder to securely adhere Tear & Tape to your project before removing the covering.

Stampin’ Up! Bone Folder – Item #102300 – $7.00

Paper Snips

A good pair of paper snips (scissor) is essential for any crafter. You want paper snips that are shape and give clean cuts. Stampin’ Up!’s paper snips have precision groung tips that cut to the ends of the blades. Great for fussy cutting and trimming ribbon! Stampin’ Up!’s paper snips also come with a safety cover which is perfect if you are like me and toss a pair into your tote bag when taking your crafting supplies along with you. The safety cover protects both you tote and hands from getting poked by the sharp point!

Stampin’ Up! Paper Snips – Item #103579 – $11.00

Take Your Pick

The Take Your Pick tool from Stampin’ Up! is another most have for your tool box! This handy little gadget can help with picking up and placing embellishements on your cards and projects as well as threading ribbon through a hole, scoring cardstock and so much more. The Take Your Pick tool comes with 2 interchangable double-ended tips with a paper piercer, mini spatula, small stylus and a large stylus as well as a tacky putty tip (for picking up those hard to grab embellishments). This is such an essential tool that I have two in my craft room (and I bought one for my hubby to use for his model airplane hobby).

Take Your Pick – Item #144107 – $11.00

Stampin’ Pierce Mat

The Stampin’ Pierce Mat is a must have when using photopolymer (clear) stamps. The extra cushion offered by the Stampin’ Pierce Mat allows you get the the best ink coverage when stamping with photopolymer stamps. It also protects your work surface when piercing paper.

Stampin’ Pierce Mat – Item #126199 – $5.00

Check out my video on these items

You can learn more about these items on my Crafty Klock YouTube Channel. I’ve just started a new series of videos to help you get started! Check out my Intro Series Playlist over the coming weeks. Next week we’ll take about photopolymer stamps versus cling (red rubber) stamps.

If you would like to purchase any of the products showcased in this blog post, you can purchase them from my Stampin’ Up! store. Just click the link below to have all the items added to you cart. You can always add more items as needed!

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Thanks for stopping by my blog and learning about the essential tools every card maker and papercrafter needs! I hope you found it helpful. Happy Stamping!

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