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Casual Stampers

So you’ve been stamping for a while – now what?

You’ve been stamping for a while now.  You have lots of supplies including stamps, inks, paper, and embellishments but you just need a little bit of inspiration to put them all together.  Well, I’ve got some help for you!

Color Coach

Stampin’ Up!’s the color coordination is the best! From paper to ink to embellishments, everything coordinates seemlessly. This handy guide gives you suggestions for color combinations that work well together.

Color Coach

Click for the free Color Coach and get ready to create beautiful cards and paper projects.

Card Layouts

Creative block happens to the best of us. Here are four quick and easy card designs, with measurements, to help you get unstuck! These designs will work with a variety of stamps, inks, and paper so put your own spin on them. Happy Stamping!

Card Designs

Click here to get four easy card designs

Adhesive Guide

With so many different adhesives out there it can be difficult to determine which one will work best for your project. This handy guide offers suggections to help you decide which is best for your project.  Keep it handy for easy reference.

Adhesive Guide

Keep this guide handy to help determine which adhesive to use.

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