Yesterday I held another session of Sunday Secret Stamping. This is a different type of event – rather then watching me demonstrate how to make a card, I share hints with my viewers so they can make the card at home. My sample card isn’t revealed until the end and that’s the whole point of Secret Stamping to find out the “secret” card at the end.

I had a viewer leave a comment stating it took too long to see the card and well it did, but there was a reason for that. I wanted to give those participating at home a chance to create. We don’t move on to the next hint until the majority of viewers say they are done with the current hint. All told, it usually takes about 30 minutes to reveal the secret card. I’m sorry if that is too long but Secret Stamping isn’t meant to be quick.

The point of Secret Stamping is to spend time together doing what we love – creating with stamps, ink, and paper. It’s a fun break from our normal responsibilites – a little Me time to relax, unwind, and chat with everyone on the stream. I get it – this type of event isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. I love doing it and so far the majority of the responses have been positive. So even though some folks might not like that it takes too long to see the final card I’m going to keep on keeping on because I know there’s a community of stampers out there who like to take a little creativty break.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t let the opinions of others stop you from doing what you love. You can’t be everyones cup of tea and that’s ok. I’m going to keep doing and sharing what I love and if I encourage or inspire someone along the way, that’s just a bonus. Keep on being you! You can check out my most recent Sunday Secret Stamping video on my Crafty Klock YouTube Channel. Happy Stamping!

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