Yesterday I held my monthly card class. I had three women come out to spend two hours making cards. At first they were a little hesitant as they were new to my class and didn’t know what to expect. As I explained the steps to make the first card I could sense their doubt in their ability to make the card. After assuring them it was easier than it sounded they began to stamp and water color the images. With each brush of the ink on paper I could see them become more confident in what they were doing. YES! I was so excited for them.

As they continued working on their cards we were all chatting, sharing stories about our families, work, vacation and by they end of the class new friendships formed. And as they left each lovely lady said how relaxing it was to put stamp to ink and ink to paper. They all enjoyed themselves and promised to come back.

Take a look at the cards we made. Classes are held the third Sunday of the month from 2-4 pm in my Studio. Class is free with a minimum Stampin’Up purchase during class or $20 with no purchase.

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